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Reducing emissions and miles

Our rural community has been dependent on private transport to get around this beautiful peninsula.  But looking ahead, we’re working to create more public transport options, and make private transport cleaner and greener.


Dingle Hub is working with public and private sector partners to reduce carbon emissions on the peninsula with our Sustainable Mobility Pathfinder Project

The project will reduce carbon emissions from rural transport by providing realistic alternatives to private car journeys.  We’re working in six areas:

  • Personal mobility: structural improvements to infrastructure; and initiatives to encourage cycling, walking, car-pooling and car-sharing.
  • Public transport: expanding and improving the already thriving Local Link service, and using technology to better inform residents and visitors of public transport services and schedules.
  • Electric/low-carbon vehicles: making public buses electric, adding charging points for public and private vehicles, encouraging e-scooters and e-bikes, and building on the success of the ESB Networks Dingle Project.
  • Marketing: creating a campaign that resonates with local residents, and making people aware of how their transportation choices affect carbon emissions.
  • Resourcing: identifying funding and staff needs for future projects.
  • Evaluation: monitoring behavioral changes and carbon emission reductions.