Digital Transformation

Using technology to transform the way we live, work, communicate and learn

The many digital technologies available now make it possible for rural communities to be as connected as anywhere else. We’re using digital technology at Dingle Hub to improve our local environment and give our youngest residents key skills for the future.






Our environmental projects include:

Water Quality Monitoring

Marine Biology Researchers from Sacred Heart University (SHU) and IoT Network Developers from Net Feasa collaborated on a project to place Internet of Things (IoT) sensor nodes in major bodies of water across the peninsula. The data collected helped us understand how natural events and human interventions affect water quality, and how that quality can be maintained and improved.


Our farming projects include:

Farm Ambassador Project

Dingle Hub piloted the farm ambassador project, which saw Internet of Things (IoT) sensors placed on six farms to measure and manage soil moisture, localised weather data, milk height and slurry height. The data helped farmers reduce their energy usage and improve productivity.

Ploutos Project

The Ploutos Project aims to improve the sustainability of farming by introducing technology-based decision-making. We’ve installed sensor technology on 36 farms across the peninsula, which will measure:
  • Weather conditions
  • Grass growth
  • Soil moisture and temperature
  • Milk tank height
  • Slurry tank height
We’ve also developed a mobile phone app that will translate the sensor output into clear data that will help farmers make decisions.


Our education projects include:

Dingle Coder Dojo


Dingle Coder Dojo is our local branch of the international program to help young people learn coding skills through fun and interesting projects. Our own “ninjas” — aged 7 to 16 — have learned basic coding, created games and programmed microbits as mini weather sensors, among many other projects.

Pre-Covid, we held weekly sessions at Dingle Hub, and after an interval online, we hope to get back to our in-person meetings.