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Podcasting workshops with Shane Finn

How to Start a Podcast

In this workshop, Shane goes through the basics of making a podcast from concept to launch, using his experience from creating his own very successful podcast, Pushing Limits. He looks at creating content and also covers how to record, necessary equipment and where to host your podcast.

How to Start a Podcast  (YouTube)

How to Market Your Podcast

In the follow-on workshop Shane looks at how to promote your podcast, how to find your niche market and how to go about getting sponsors.

How to Market Your Podcast  (YouTube)

About Shane

In 2010, Shane ran his first marathon and since then he has:

  • run 12 marathons in 12 days
  • run 24 marathons in 24 days
  • completed numerous races, one off marathons & Ironman Triathlons all over the world
  • cycled and run across the USA in 36 days
  • spent 6 years as a personal trainer and fitness coach
  • become a corporate speaker for companies such as IBM, ESB, Boston Scientific, CPL Recruitment, Irish Life Insurances & many more

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