• To oversee and facilitate the provision of a remote, real time IoT water monitoring network on the Dingle Peninsula.
  • To provide the infrastructure and skills transfer necessary to incubate a start-up enterprise in the Dingle Hub, using the commercial value of the outputs from the project.


The requirement to have remotely accessible live data in terms of water quality and levels, and to create a platform for companies, local authority and State bodies to build predictive software to understand environmental impacts of both natural events and human interventions, is the motivation behind this project. A solution was identified through a collaboration between Marine Biology researchers (Sacred Heart University, SHU) and IoT Network Developers (Net Feasa) and a first water-monitoring sensor node was commissioned by Mol Teic and deployed on April 19, in the Milltown River, to provide proof of concept.

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to give an automated remote monitoring system which can identify changes in the following parameters

1.      water temperature
2.      conductivity
3.      dissolved oxygen
4.      pH
5.      nitrates
6.      water levels

to provide a warning system and a record of environmental parameters. This project aims to expand on the initial proof of concept by deploying and integrating seven additional water sensor nodes, with IoT gateway technologies. The nodes will be deployed in:

1.      Dingle Harbour
2.      Ventry Harbour
3.      Tralee Bay (inner)
4.      Tralee Bay (outer)
5.      Owenmore River
6.      Castlemaine Harbour

It will develop a bespoke dashboard and a cloud based storage platform to (i) capture the data, (ii) store the data, and (iii) make the data available for enterprise and / or for the benefit of community, farmers, aquaculture businesses, local authority and State bodies. This technology, when fully built, will pave the way for advance warning systems and can be reproduced relatively inexpensively for deployment in other localities.

Click here to View the live data from the Dingle Peninsula Sensor Nodes

This project has been majority funded by

Water and Communities

With additional support for nitrate sensors in the Milltown and Castlemaine Rivers from LAWCO Water and Communities

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