Sustainable Public Transport on the Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Hub, in conjunction with Kerry County Council and North, East and West Kerry Development (NEWKD), has had ongoing discussions with Local Link Kerry (LLK) about introducing new bus routes on the Dingle Peninsula and moving towards operating only low carbon emission buses on the Dingle Peninsula. The aim would also to integrate the bus services with other transport services and provide an online booking engine, real-time passenger information and suitable bus shelters throughout the Peninsula.  LLK requires the approval and support of the National Transport Authority to do this and it is hoped that this will progress to completion in 2020.

In advance of the provision of full low carbon emission buses, it is hoped to run a pilot project in 2020 comparing the operation of different bus types – electric and biofuel buses. 

Discussions have taken place with ESB about sourcing suitable electric buses and, after a suitable electric bus has been identified, it will be up to NTA to purchase or lease it for the purpose of the pilot. ESB has committed to providing charging facilities for the buses on the Dingle Peninsula, but NTA will be required to either lease or purchase an appropriate bus/buses and make it available to LLK or, through LLK, to the local operators. There is currently a shortage of suitable electric buses that can match the specification. 

Similarly, Dingle Hub has been in discussions with Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) in relation to the use of biofuel buses and they have been looking at sourcing suitable buses. As in the case of electric buses, there are challenges in sourcing suitable biofuel but it is hoped that some such bus will become available in time for the pilot. GNI is also considering how best to refuel the buses, if they are located on the Dingle Peninsula.

In addition to switching to sustainable public transport (electric or biofuel), discussions are continuing with Local Link Kerry and Kerry County Council about providing an online booking engine, real-time passenger information and suitable bus shelters throughout the Peninsula.  This would be part of a wider County Kerry initiative. 


Electric Vehicle charging and parking facilities on the Dingle Peninsula

In conjunction with Kerry County Council and ESB, work is progressing on examining how best to provide for suitable charging and parking for electric vehicles (EV’s) on the Dingle Peninsula. This is especially important in view of the significant number of tourists that pass through the Dingle Peninsula each year (approx. 1 million) and the need to ensure adequate charging and parking facilities will be available.

Upgrading of the existing electricity infrastructure on the Dingle Peninsula may be required to support the roll-out of suitable EV chargers, particularly fast chargers. 



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Sustainable Public Transport on the Dingle Peninsula

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Kerryman Article – 11th July 2019 Update 3rd July 2019

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