We are delighted to facilitate the exhibition of a collection of artwork relating to Heritage Cereals in Dingle Hub. As part of a wider public art project curated by Deirdre O’Mahony, a CERERE artwork by Sadhbh Gaston was commissioned, making use of cross stitch to produce pixelated images of Irish landrace and heritage cereal seeds, varieties that until recently were considered irrelevant to modern farming. Each embroidered work is accompanied by a text that tells the story of the specific seed in relation to CERERE in Ireland.

CERERE – Cereal Renaissance in Rural Europe, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme – identifies novel, practical ways to support the cultivation and promotion of heritage cereals. CERERE involves universities, farmers, entrepreneurs and heritage societies across the EU. Their research across Europe has identified smaller producers who benefit also by producing more localised, niche varieties. These appeal to consumers seeking novel beers, crackers, fermented and baked goods and breakfast cereals – many of which have nutritional advantages.

More information here – https://www.deirdre-omahony.ie/works-and-projects/42-artworks/2000-s/147-cereal-renaissance-in-rural-europe.html