ÁIT EILE [elsewhere]

Narratives from a current state: Asylum Seekers present their narratives via a live streaming event across Gaeltachts

Dingle Creativity and Innovation Hub, Kerry and An Gailearaí, Donegal will host a similitanous live event on Culture Night, Friday 20th, 2019. Each venue will link up via live feeds to present a project led by artist Andrew Duggan with artist Kim Sharkey. The artists have been working with asylum seekers sensitively developing a narrative which will be publicly presented together on the night. 

“This project explores the perception of ‘elsewhere’ within ‘the individual narrative’. A narrative that goes beyond being simply descriptive; looking at possible alternative narratives, challenging perceptions; ensuring that the often invisible narrative is made visible. It is a narrative that comes from the individuals who share their stories but it importantly speaks to us about who we have become as a nation, our journey and our responsibility as a state”. 

-Andrew Duggan, September 2019

Culture Night, Friday September 20th, 2019

Event Times: 6:30 and 6:45pm. Duration 4-6 minutes

Please note that due to the sensitive nature and short duration of this event, please be early.